Frequently Asked Questions – BLACKFOX LIMITED

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I make a comment about the service I received at Blackfox Limited?
We always welcome your feedback about our service – whether you found it friendly and helpful, or whether it fell short of your expectations. Please Contact Us with your comments and we’ll respond as soon as possible.
2Is there a limit on the number of images i can submit.
No. You are free to submit as many images as you like. For test jobs, we will complete upto 3 images and the rest after the test job is satisfactory and an agreement has been met.
3What kind of images do you retouch?
We provide professional retouch service for a wide variety of images:
  • Beauty Retouch
  • Ghost Mannequin
  • Jewelry Retouch
  • Product Retouch
  • Flat Cloths Retouch
  • Model Retouch
  • Clipping/Background Removal
  • Masking
  • Shadow
  • Reflection
  • For more information please check our retouching portfolio. We are capable of providing high quality images at affordable prices.
    4What is your usual delivery times?
    Our usual delivery times for basic jobs is 24 hours. This very much depends on the number of images and the retouching specifications. If there is any deadlines, please mention it while submitting your order. This will help us complete the images at the desired deadline.
    5How will you guarantee my photos will be secure?
    The photos we receive from you are secured by non disclosure agreement and our servers are encrypted to ensure that no information is leaked. Also our policy is ti delete all client photos within a week of receiving the full payment for those. Therefore you can be sure that all you photos will be safe with us.
    6Do you have a priority delivery system?
    Yes, we offer priority deliveries. Depending on the normal deadline we have with you, the charges for priority delivery can be an additional 50% - 75% of the total order cost. Do remember that Sunday is a off day.
    7Do i have to pay for revisions?
    If we are responsible for not providing the photos as per specifications, the revisions will be done without any extra charges.
    8Is their a discount system?
    There are discounts in place for bulk orders. Every discount is different depending on the kind of bulk photos we receive. For more information please contact us.
    9Do you work on RAW images?
    Yes, we work on raw images. Raw images will give is the possibility to edit them at a higher quality and achieve better results.
    10How will i reach you of i have any questions?
    You can reach us at any time via email, chat-online, skype or our site form.